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Usually the biggest wheel for cone skating is an 80mm. Not many people skate with 110 or 125 wheels through cones. I've seen it done however.

Personally here's what I would do. Powerslide frames are easy to change. Here's a link

Go for a frame that uses four wheels. Inline warehouse is pretty knowledgeable. ask if the frame would be compatible with your skate. I believe most Powerslide frames are compatible with most Powerslide models.

Here's the wheels that are good...

You'll find plenty of 82A softness wheels here. Biggest I'd go is 80mm wheel.
Do you know about rockering your wheel? I believe that Powerslide frames come pre-rockered. Check with Inline Warehouse. If you have any questions about rockered vs non rockered frame, feel free to ask.

EDIT...Oh sorry, I thought you wanted 82A, now I see you wanted softer, my bad. There should be plenty of softer wheels at that link too. No probs.
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