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Default Beadle Rollerskates

Hi all,

Stumbled across this forum as I'm trying to get my dad's web site up in the search rankings. Let me explain.

My dad owns Beadle Rollerskates. Has done for well over half a century. In it's heyday Beadle had their own speed, hockey, figure and rental skate designs which were built in the UK from scratch.

Plates were either cast aluminium or cut from sheet metal. Trucks were cast in ali or injection moulded. Axle's were cut to size and threaded on a lathe. Every pair was hand finished.

Beadle even had it's own range of 'Atlantic' wheels that had different grades for each type of skater!

Beadle supplied virtually every roller rink in the UK, Starlight Express in London's West End and even for the original 70's Rollerball film!

The business is still going but no longer manufactures.

I asked to join the forum as I've seen posts of Beadle skates either for sale, or people asking for help/advice or looking for more information on Beadle.

So if you have any stories, questions, whatever, reach out and I'll see what I can do to help.

My dad (82) loves a good skate story so get in touch.


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