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Originally Posted by llamont View Post

Very nice setup!! Those are some sharp skates and the Dance plates add to the aesthetic and performance Iím sure... I was considering the Fly boots but more folks had experience with the Classicas. Plus I heard the Fly is a stiffer boot which isnít necessarily better (or worse) for rhythm skating. May be a set for me in the future though!! As for the Roller Bones 101a Whiskey Super Elite wheels, Iíve bought 4 sets of them (Roller Bones 101a/103a) in the past month or two from an online retailer. The name slips my mind but I can find the info if youíd like and pm it to you?

Take care
I'm in Australia, so postage might be a killer, but yes please send it my way.

They are an amazing setup, but I am very glad I didn't get them as my first skates. I had a Rondo Boot / variant plate first. The Flamenco is a very stiff boot, and the plate is extremely responsive, I would have struggled a lot if these had been my first professional setup. I think you made the right call with the Classica. You can always go a Fly / Flamenco later on.
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