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Originally Posted by online inline View Post
speedy, have you tried Hammer Gel? I like it better than GU and it flows better. I get it in the refillable bottle and a quart jar to stock it with.
Funny thing you mentioned that. It's what I actually used this year. I've been a loyal Gu chocolate user for years, willing to say 99% of the gels I've ever eaten have been that. Last second shopping this year left me empty handed when it came time to buy my GUs and Accelerade. Popped over to the (bike)shop and the only Accelerade they had was Lemon Lime and I thought, "how bad can it be..." they also no longer sell GUs, just every other thing. Stocked up on the chocolate HammerGel and it was fine. The Lemon-Lime Accelerade was nasty, just nasty. The smell was pretty obnoxious-very sea weedy smelling, total barf out on the smell, but the taste was much more tolerable. I'll check the link, thanks.
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