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Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post
I have a T 16 Skater Polar figure plate. The axle center to axle center is 160mm which is indicated by the 16. Spanish brand made in the early 2Ks.

As far as shorter than "factory recommendation"?? I ignore the "book" when building sk8s. Personally my Polar is on a size 9 Riedell 911. The "book" says I need a 180.

If you are into digging through the web The US importer was and as far as I know was the only US source for parts.

Good luck finding parts. I did custom cushions for mine years ago.

Thanks so much for the information, Doc.

Are the plates aluminum do you think? I wish I could find specs on them...or even knew what model they are. I wonder what they retailed for too...

Would you be able to point me in the right direction regarding making custom cushions?

Also, I'm considering moving the mount position of the plates, and wonder if you would offer your thoughts. There are two reasons im thinking of drilling new holes in the soles of the new to me Riedell 297's.:

1- My left plate seems slightly (4 or 5mm) more skewed than the right
mount. Im not sure if I would need to move the left plate enough to provide adequate clearance from the current holes- is there a recommended minimum distance between old and new mounting holes?

2- I'm happy with getting familiar with the new shorter wheelbase- I've never had art boots, or any skate with a substantial heel hight before either. I feel the front axels are slightly towards the back of the ball of my foot, and the heel is centered. Would you recommend I move the plates forward, if it satisfies a better position for my feet at the front axels?

Thanks again for your help. I'm a very excited new skater, and feel lucky to have found such a potentially great set up for cheap, and I'm dying to start skating in them!!

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