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Thanks Joe!

Yes, I do think I am going to try to use the ice rinks to practice during the week. (Did I say 5? We actually have 6 here!! Geeze!!)

Hopefully technique will transfer with me. Can't say for sure about dance (don't know enough about it), but brackets, counters, rockers etc. seem quite similar to ice.....Freestyle can be tricky....The are some differences in takeoff techniques. (Although, honestly, I admit they are based on common sense. I guess I will actually have to think before I jump.) For example, "good" ice skaters use their edges to help them into the air on takeoffs. Inline, (or quad), uses the power in the bent knees only. Look close at toe jumps, (especially doubles/triples), and you'll notice ice skaters keep a rather straight vaulting leg while inline/quad bend their vaulting leg a bit more....
Of course spinning is so different that there shouldn't be an issue.....

Yes, I understand why the test structure is enforced in my case, it would cause an unfair competition rather than a fair one. As you know, at Adult Nationals certain moves are allowed at certain levels. (I guess they are thinking of implementing something like this at Standard Ice Nationals where juvinille girls are now doing 2axels when their tests have single jumps. )...But back to my case. I would have to pass at least the intermediate level MITF to skate Championship Masters...(With my hips? Are you kidding??!!) And that level is, realistically, what I should be skating to be "fair." (You have seen my videos.)
I could probably only pass up to the Adult Gold MITF, (if that). At Gold Level, I'd be limited to axel, 2toe and 2 sal. I worked hard for my 2loop and 2flip/lutz. Not fair to me. These two doubles (toe and sal) are easy for me. Can do them with hands over my head. Not fair to them (my competition.) Any spin allowed? Let's see....How about stars into a deathdrop? (Because I can do it.) But then, I'd look like a jerk. Again, not fair to me and not fair to them. See what I mean??

Simply put, on ice I am being "penalized" for allowing my freestyle skills to develop over my "skating skills" (moves level). Not so on inlines. (At least not at this time.) Of course, it is "unfair" that on inline, (except at your competition, which is one of the great things about The Open), there are so few of us that a beginner would be forced to compete against the "rest of us" (ice level "seniors.") Since skaters over 13 have to skate WC regardless of ability. I agree that that too is "unfair."
So there you have it....No "perfect system" like politics.
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