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No, not training for specific races; just to better and challenge myself. I'm in Florida so if I was smart (no proof that I am) I would make July and August my offseason because of the heat & humidity. To make things worse, typically in July & Aug, everyday in the afternoon it will downpour like you've never seen (outside of FL); Being out when it rains like this is begging to be hit by a car - you just can't see when it rains like that. Being outside Jan Feb March is rarely a problem.
I'm really looking to "get the ..most" for the time I put in. I'm hoping the fairly short distances will allow me to push myself hard without as much danger of overtraining and injury once I build up a strong base. I'm not really starting at absolute zero aerobically but I would really like to do all my training on skates. I've been still riding a bike but I've had bilateral CT release and it's much improved but the bike is the worst trigger for my hands and I want to stop riding. I also do some basic weight training every 5 or 6 days which I'll continue, but will lay off much of the leg work when skating 4 days/week.
I'm using my circa 1999 Bont Boss boots and a Xenan 3x100 1x80 frame that is crapping out on me. I will likely buy new skates with 4x110 next week.
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