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Originally Posted by Silverado View Post
Doc, Do you know if the newer Snyder pivot pins have the same thread as the old pins with a 5/16 - 24 thread.

As far as I am aware it has been the same since the beginning.

Mine only have flat spots on the threaded area to adjust the pin and a nut to lock it down.

Yeah OG....

The pivot pins I see for Snyder Skates have the hex on the pin and nut to lock it down. The thread in the photo's I see look to be course.

It's not.

Maybe just the photo.

Most likely.

I don't want to order them without knowing the thread size.

You do...

My Snyder Imperials are from about 1960.

Interesting. I was not aware they had been around that long.... But then again, I never dug into it.

Really in good shape.

Snyders will out last man kind if well cred for and not abused.

The pivot cup I see should work fine with the 7/16" OD.

Ya got me there... Pivot cups are not replaceable on hanger style Snyder plates. The cup is hardened steel and pressed in. The pivot pin is designed to wear out long before the cup.

Any help would be appreciated. Jim

So tell me about the pivot cup/s. If they have issues you should send the plate/s back to Snyder to get them fixed. I have yet to see a non factory repair that looked anywhere close to right.
"The difference between good skates and great skates comes from knowing where to get the numbers."

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