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Originally Posted by Yogi Bear View Post
After I typed that about 7mm axles, I looked up the Proline and see it can be ordered with 8mm axle, but thanks for the heads up.

I am interested in the Snyder's too, and I like that a couple of people have suggested them. So, correct me if I am wrong, but are you guys suggesting that the Snyder Advantage has better turning motion without sacrificing stability. I ask because I have only been skating about 9 months, but my speed skating is improving rapidly. I can't shuffle yet, but wouldn't mind learning at some point.
I`ll put it like this. First, I`m not gonna knock the Proline because I used to want one, really bad. I skated a Laser S/A for 30 years or better. That plate could not/would not turn. I wanted a plate that turned but didn`t want to sacrifice stability, the kind of stability that I was accustomed to. I got a Roll Line Variant. Too big of a jump for me at the time, sold it. A friend of mine sold me his Ultimate III, fell in love with it. First D/A plate I`ve skated in many moon. Then I was able to get a really great deal on a used Advantage. I absolutely love this plate. It basically has the KP angle as the UIII but differs in the pivot area. Has more adjustability, more bling ... And here`s one more thing: The other day, about 2 weeks ago I picked up a squeak in my Advantage. Found out the axle was loose in the front truck on the left plate. Contacted Steven Ball @ Sure Grip, sent him the truck, he sent me a new one TODAY! No questions. Snyder is quality and they stand behind their stuff. They didn`t ask where or how I got the plates, just send me the truck he says. Can`t beat that, no way. Don`t know if the Proline is like this or not but I do know Snyder is.
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