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I'm skating my 4th consecutive NSIM this year. 2012 had the best weather in my experiences. 2011 was cold. I remember shivering as we waited to start. I had broken my ankle the previous June 21st and this race was my motivation to get back on my skates. It was my first race on inlines.

2012 was fast and comfortable temps. The start was hairy. Skaters all over the road in multiple pacelines. Speeds were reaching 32 and beyond. I got away with the lead group but was in over my head. About mile 14 I got a cramp and had to drop. It took ages before anyone caught up to me. The wind was so favorable that I was useless and still finished in 80 minutes. I think we hit the halfway mark in 36 minutes.

2013 was so slow and kind of boring. I never looked at my watch to see how long it was taking but we slogged to Duluth with practically the whole wave in one paceline. 93 Minutes has never been so dull.

Maybe we'll get lucky and the forecast will change.
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