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Originally Posted by a-cut-above View Post
This is my first marathon and my first race. I have been skating recreationally for 30+ years on streets, parks, paved trails, and occasionally on closed roads. I am a fit competitive 6' tall 62 year-old. I skate alone, once in awhile with a bicycling companion. I have never skated in a pack, pace line, or large crowd. I have done 20+ miles before but with road crossings, bridges with wood surfaces, etc. I skate 20-30 miles/wk, 30+ in the last couple of months training for Duluth (mostly following one of those free training regimens found on the web, ...mostly.) I have been caught on damp but not really wet roads. I have registered for Rec Wave 3. My goals are to "race", finish in <2.5 hrs, then train towards qualifying for Rec Wave 2 next year. I have not had any formal instruction. I am using 100mm Bont 84A wheels; wondering if 85A would be better for Duluth. I'd like to work my way up to 110's (see post about transitioning with 105's if possible.) Due to the hills where I live, I have a brake on my skate. I'm practicing t-stops at higher and higher speeds. Not quite there yet.
That's me. Any advice for this marathon newbie?
Brakes are minor nuisance in a pace line but in Rec 3 you probably aren't going to get much of pace line anyway. You also won't be using the brake. There is no reason to stop before the finish and if you have have any hill experience at all, you won't be intimidated by any of the hills.

84A vs 85A is too small a difference to notice. You can't even be sure the 85A is harder than 84A given imprecision in the way wheels are tested and categorized.

Given that you are on 100's, have hill experience, and are even thinking about gear choices for higher speeds suggests that are already overqualified for Rec 3. The only section that is remotely technical is the finish. It is a downhill on choppy cement leading to non-uniform slabs in the final stretch to the line. You can get a look at it the night before but not really skate it.
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