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Originally Posted by shafeeqs View Post
For the record, I think I've worked out the first finisher from each wave, based on bib number and gun time:

2016: split, finish
A1: 41:11, 1:23:52
A2: 45:33, 1:33:09
A3: 44:08, 1:31:26
R1: 47:46, 1:37:07

2015: split, finish
A1: 38:09, 1:20:38
A2: 42:57, 1:30:02
A3: 44:30, 1:32:33
R1: 45:57, 1:35:21

In both years, I skipped a couple people with implausibly fast first half times - I assume because there's a mismatch between which wave they actually started in and what the timing company thinks they started in.
Interesting. I would have expected a smaller gap between A1 and A2. Some of the A2 leaders are quite capable of hanging with A1. They race A2 for reasons of personal safety.

Bring your rain wheels.
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