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Originally Posted by sxevegan View Post
Right after the race I took all the Simmons skater's bearings out, cleaned them in mineral spirits, sprayed them with WD-40, spun them out a bit, let them sit for a few hours so most of the wd40 would evaporate out, put a drop or two of lube in each, and then put the skates back together. They might be slightly louder than they were, but they are all still spinning. A $10 investment and 30 minutes probably saved $200 worth of bearings.
How did you spend $200 on bearings? Or is for multiple people? And, if they are now "slightly louder" are they now any better than cheap bearings?

My bearings are toast. Maybe 7 or 8 are salvageable as non-race bearings. But then, 30 minutes of my time is more than a new set of Bones Reds, which is what they were anyway*.

As an engineer type (and an engineer actual) I hate waste. It upsets my sensibility to throw away good equipment. But the more I think about it, the less I can justify spending time and money on bearing maintenance. It would be different if I enjoyed doing it, but I don't.

*The ones in Red Magic's that is. I think the ones in the Storm Surges were Twincam. Not much different.
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