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Originally Posted by bjvircks View Post
hey shafeeqs! good race time! If you are the guy on the course I'm thinking of... WOW! Seems you skated the race ALONE?
Hmm, based on the times, we must've seen each other somewhere in the last mile.

Thankfully, I only skated the first 2-3 miles alone, had at least a 3 person pack the rest of the way. Finished in 1:28, with the Combined leaders who caught us just before the climb to I35. A single storm surge on each heel wheel seemed to be enough grip on asphalt, but not on all concrete. Sprinting up the off-ramp was fine, but accelerating again on the overpass was tough, which made me fear the final corner would be the same, so I chickened out and slowed way down for it, so probably lost 30 seconds in the last 1/2 mile alone.

Looks like the fastest A2 was 80s faster so I definitely could've done that if I didn't have to do as much pulling. There were maybe 5 people in A3 who could've done the same if we'd all gotten in one breakaway and were a bit smarter about not wasting effort. Given the conditions, I figured the safest place to be was out front, so I took off for the first 1/4 mile, intending to back off and wait the main pack to form up and come past me. But there's a videographer standing in the _middle_ of the road by the car dealership, so I supposed I should try to try to look good and keep pushing until I get past him, which gets me a much bigger lead than I'd intended. Two skaters caught up 2-3 miles in, the main pack about 5 miles in. But they seemed to slow down a bit, and the bridge with the diagonal metal plate led to enough chaos that I started to think about when to get away. Apparently the other two felt the same because they took off the next time the pack slowed on an uphill. That was a tough place to accelerate, so only myself and a Texan who'd made the same wave selection error I did went with them. That's right for competition, but a softer breakaway might have gotten a couple more people to share the work later and cost less effort. At least one person jumped in with Wave C later, so clearly fast enough to have gone with us.

Thanks for the vaseline tip, Jimmy, I only lost 4 bearings, which seems reasonable. Didn't have time to do any cleaning before leaving for the 2nd leg of my doubleheader weekend - the final 6 hours of the Montreal 24h on Sunday.

Yes, that was as crazy an idea as it sounds. The wind wasn't as bad as last year, but if it wasn't for all the teams that seemed happy to let me wheel suck, it would've been uttely miserable. My legs felt not bad after Northshore, but the biggest problem that I didn't eat all that much after the race on Saturday, and overslept and missed breakfast on Sunday, so bonked about 4 hours in. I can't imagine how the true 24h solos keep up with the calorie requirements.
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