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Default Variant for Derby.

i'm getting ready to upgrade my skate plate. i'm considering the roll-line variant for derby. i'm looking for something that is lightweight

The Variant is a lot of things but it is NOT a lightweight. On the other hand, I have built more derby sk8s on Variants than everthting else put together.

and has responsive turning maneuverability.

That they have...In Spades.

what do you think about the variant and is there another plate other than the variant that i should look at?

If you are looking at the most bang for the buck, a Variant is the bomb. If light is an absolute must, you may want to consider a Reactor..

also what are the main differences in all the roll-line plates?

The Variant has a simpler action than the rest of the "common" Roll Line plates. No click action, just a simple reverse king pin. The cushions (natural rubber) run in 3 steps. Soft medium and firm.

The Driver is a Variant with a Bling Bling finish and a click action. The urethane cushions run in 5 steps from real soft to concrete.

The Navigator is almost identical to the Driver other than it is cut differently and weighs less.. It is basically a Mistral plate with a bling bling finish..

The we get to the Energy. The Energy Steel is identical in shape to the Navigator but is made from a different (and much more expensive) alloy. It uses the same trucks and suspension as the Navigator and Driver.

The Energy Titanium has titanium axles and pivot pins.. so it weighs a bit less...BIG BUCKS. (But I have built 3 pair of derby sk8s on Energys. 2 steel and 1 titanium.)

Then we have the Matrix. Same expensive alloys but many more holes. Very light. This plates uses a different action than all the other Roll Lines. It is shorter so the upper cushions are shorter as are the pivot mounts on the trucks... So all that is lighter too. Mega Bucks .

Check out the Roll Line website for more details...
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