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Originally Posted by maggieminor3 View Post
Hello! I'm Maggie and I currently am a grad student in Alabama. I have been reading a lot of the threads lately on this page but have not found all the answers to all the questions I have about skates. The current pair of skates I'm skating in I ordered from the internet and I believe they are a size too big but they get the job done. In the fall I'm hoping to get new skates. I'm really trying to do my research this time. Theres no clubs or rinks around me that know anything about artistic skating that I know of. I'm currently skating in a riedell 120 boot on a reactor neo plate. I'm still just doing single jumps but I want to improve (although I'm mostly teaching myself everything). Any advice on what to get and where to shop in the future? I want something better than what I'm currently skating and I want it to fit better which is one of the biggest motivators for upgrading.
maybe a rink can help you get the equipment or u can get online with research at a few different places. skates usa have very expensive but good art skates.
a nice plate would be a mid line rolline plate with a toe stop. 120 Riedell is ok or move up to a 220 or a 297 which is a softer boot, 220 better if u want more support. good luck,,,,u are talking at least 600 to 700 for those. get bones swiss bearings also. wheels depend on you and surface u skate on.
Ciao Rick
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