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Too bad the numbers are dwindling because it looks like the organizer has finally figured out how to put on a skate race.

For the first time, I didn't see anybody skating around lost with their arms in the air saying WTF. That's because the course marking was stellar this year, making it almost impossible for anyone to skate off into the twilight zone.

Can't say the same for the signage that was supposed to be there to point us to the new parking area. That was a mess! But that was the only complaint that I personally had with this year's race.

I liked the new course. Lots of hills and turns. I'm not much of a fan of rough pavement, but I didn't choose this race to set a new PR either. It was fun!

It was also challenging. I think Chicagoland can now be considered "The Boston of skating marathons".

I realize it's not for everyone though, so skaters who like their marathon courses smooth, turn friendly, and hill-free better stick with Apostle. But for the fit, the fun loving, and the fearless, Chicagoland is your race!

As for me this year, I had problems that had nothing to do with the course or the organizer, but I fully intend to be back skating it next year as I usually do!
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