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Default Powerslide hardcore EVO trinity skate

Just got these. A word of advice go one size larger than your normal skate size. They are tight fitting. Fortunately they are heat moldable. After 3 tries I got them about right.

They came with the 3x90 katana pro rockered frame. I got these for fitness and freeriding so i have no intention of rockering them. In fact just makes changing wheels slower for me. It came with 90mm spinner wheels 88a hardness which I find terrible. They are hard and do not grip well. I replaced them with mpc roadwar wheels xfirm and they behave like night and day.

The short 225mm frame is incredibly maneuverable although not too much unlike my 4x80 frame on my RB edge skates. If you use slightly slipperier wheels on the 243mm frame it behaves similar to the 225mm frame with stickier wheels.

Rolling tomorrow on RB 3WD edge skates. First time out on those since I replaced the 110 mm Hydrogen with 105 mm Roadwar MPC wheels.
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