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So these skates are so maneuverable with the short 225 mm frames that when I switch to my other skates they seem so sluggish and heavy. I ordered the 231 mm 3x100 to get some length and a little more speed on the trail as the 225 mm frames are just too short to get any real speed. Hopefully should get them Wednesday. I plan on hitting the trail with my Bont 4x100 semi-race this week as well. I fell on them 2 weeks ago and got severe road rash. The frames are 12.8 inches which is significantly longer than I generally skate but have used them for years. A dramatic change from the 225 mm 3x90 frames.There is always an adjustment period of a mile or so. It was during that first mile I hit debris and took a dive. But.. back on the horse again so to speak. Hit the trail with the Bonts and averaged 16 mph over 10 miles, satisfied, given I have not been on these for years besides the fall.

Received the 3x100 trinity frame yesterday. Tried it out and I am very pleased. Waiting for the weather to clear to try them on the trail.

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