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Yes.....normal skates work fine in a skate park. I recommend that you keep it that way until you feel ready for the next stage. I used my indoor speed skate set-up in skate parks for years before I changed them (started with outdoor wheels on them).

The next stage is getting harder wheels. I started with 78 durometer outdoor wheels that were 70mm tall. After becoming more accustomed to ramps, I switched to smaller and harder speed wheels. I then progressed to even smaller and harder wheels, until I recently made the switch to skateboard wheels. Once you start doing grinds and slides, you'll need to switch to skateboard wheels.

The best skateboard wheels are rounded on both the outside of the wheel, and on the inside of the wheel. Otherwise known as Dub-cons (double conical), they tend to not catch as much on copings, rails, or ledges. They work even better in conjunction with wider trucks.

Some wide trucks can be found that are specifically for roller skates. But.......the best trucks are mid-track trucks made for skate boards, as they hold up to the abuse of skate park skating. Also, wide trucks give you better stability for jumps, airs, and just in general.

Start with what you have now
, and then progress to the other stuff if you decide to stick with skating ramps and bowls. Also, IM me if you want other website sources for quad skate park skaters.

Trucks that I use shown below

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