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with heavy can destroy hubs of wheels like radar flyer or helium for example.
it seems you need a little firmer wheel so 82a to 84a would be ok.
i think round edges on each side help a lot in all applications and because of cornering and spins you is more desirable.
i tested sims 15 years ago and velvet or two tones one already existed but i ride them 1 day and sold them...too small diameter but too little contact patch...straight edges and bad urethane so....the myth is dead in my spirit.

yes that s the wheels set i propose you on your pics...for your usage....but 65 yellow one are better for outdoor use...and 70mm are turbo jet gti.
on very rough surface....83a is a little bit bad...but on most of s really better....if you re heavyweight....the best will be you eat more mac donalds sandwiches to obtain 90 kg or more.
with 65mm and more you can t dance and spin very well because you need to be very reactive but you can...i do...and don t want to replace my 70mm wheels each time i dance a long time...i dance before or after i ride fewer kms....just for fun but not my major activity.
it depends of what you are really going to do...if major time you re on the street...62 is a little bit small.

that s my opinion....
you can t compare the new route to other wheel....just the design of the cruise wheel.
urethane quality is amazing...
if you look at the kryptonics website....they are produced in the line of star trac....old is the best....nothing new...
roll ine speedmax bearings...a copy of 82 snyder bearings.
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