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So I have been doing some research on aggressive skating, and rollerblading in general since I decided to get back in to it. One thing I noticed that has changed is that you hardly ever see anyone wearing pads. Not even wrist guards.

I was watching "Barely Dead" and one part stuck out to me, when one of the guys was talking about how rollerblading was being shunned and had to sort of go underground, he said "and then we decide to get rid of the pad, and it made us much more fluid skaters, as we couldnt fall any more".

This seems really silly to me. Especially as I was reading an interview with Brian Aragon and he was complaining about how a bunch of people on his tour where injured.

So, I guess the question is, why does no one wear pads?

Sure, they may be uncool, but so is a skull fracture.
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