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Ugh, starting to slowly realize SEDS. As I was finally committing to buying that set of roll-line plates for myself this morning (and new bearings, and a set of wheels and bearings to try on them), I realized that my wife’s new found derby addiction has put at least part of our family into new skates in the last few months – to the tune of 8 pairs of skates (ranging from cheapies to her bonts, and the newly acquired roll-lines), 10 sets of bearings (ranging from sad/crunchy to ubber ceramics), and 13 pair of wheels (ranging from Barbie outdoor wheels to mixed sets of shamans, and now the peanut hubs and anabolix tires). Add multiple sets of pads, riedell bags, bearing press, various tools, and I’m drooling over the thought of finding a decent priced wheel hog or possibly getting the guys in the manufacturing plant to build me something similar.

You know, I always sorta wanted to own a skating rink…
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