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One of the things that I found with the PIC skates is that I tend to go on the toe stops more than my quads or ice blades. Unfortunately the toe stop is not adjustable with the PICs. I have cut down the toe stop and rotated a worn toe stop with a flat edge to get the proper height I want.

I've done freestyle on quads, ice and inlines and find the inline technique for me is closer to ice than quads. My spins are actually about equal on ice and inlines and a struggle on quads. But I've been doing ice and inlines at the same time for a while.

Inlines have a lot going for them.


Originally Posted by exice View Post
yes they are similar BUT..
you are not supposed to spin on your toe stop in inline.....
naughty naughty .

( although lots get away with it even at international level.. ..)

Having come from Ice to Inline ( ice - Senior test level skater), can say it takes a while to learn to skate with the correct Roller technique expected in higher level competition.
Dance would be vurtually an instant change over but freeskating is a lot different.
Jump landings and Take offs are different to ice and as i mentioned the spinning is a lot harder on inline than ice.
Lastly tho..
having made the change from ice to the inline..
much happier with Inline
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