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Smile Updates and News - Feb. 9, 2009

!Look at the new look at!

- If you have download problems let me know. It was done in Publisher, which I don't care for, but is quick and dirty. I have Dreamweaver, but need time to learn it. They also changed somewhat from CS3 to CS4. Publisher is now supposed to get rid of junk. I have an 18 meg download speed, so I can't judge speed very well.

- Due to popular demand, created a two page short entry form for people that just want to enter. It is on the forms page. Everything is still in the full entry form.

- Broke out all the forms on separate links in addition. They will be .pdf editable forms as soon I feel I don't need any sleep ;-)

- Let me know your comments and anything that might not be clear or needs to be added.

- There will be more breakouts and additions. We are waiting for the slalom/freestyle rules.

- Nick Perna has confirmed his participation for three days. You can contact him for private lessons at

- Jo Ann Schneider Ferris has also tentatively agreed to come. She is the author of "How to Jump and Spin on In-line Skates"

- PIC skates will be exhibiting and participating and will be a sponsor. See the sponsors form if you want to sponsor.

- Carlesa Williams has tentatively committed to attending with her skaters and doing a booth for Snow White skates.

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