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Smile Move around the country

It would probably be in the Chicago area next year. We had a lot of hurdles to overcome this year and so would like a full year to get things settled. But if we get an offer we can't refuse then it would be different.

The thinking is to move it between the East, Midwest and West coasts. This is the advantage of having an organization sponsor the competition as opposed to a rink.

There is also the possibility of putting it out to bid which might be advantageous if we have a good turnout this year. Then the winning bid can do take care of a lot of the local site work.


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I know Joe plans for it to move around the country. But I think it is going to be in Chicago for the first year or so. (This year and I think next year.) But, yes, he does envision it moving to different states across the USA. We'll see you when we get to California!!
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