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is skating again. WOOT!
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Originally Posted by bigred875 View Post
I stopped riding when my son was born...i didn't think I'd have enough self control to stay alive. I feel like I do now but made a career change a couple years ago and can't afford a car that doesn't have my company name on the side of it...never mind a bike!
I stopped riding on the street after an accident in 2009 totaled a brand new (leftover) CBR1000RR that I was riding. Coincidentally enough, it happened in Scituate while I was leading a group through the area. A 16 year old girl made a left in front of me and stopped in my lane. I slid the front on a patch of dirt and I missed the car. But the bike hit is broadside. I just had bumps and bruises, but it woke me up.

I only rode on the track form that point forward. My wife inherited the 900RR, since she loved the riding position. She didn't ride it much though, since she preferred riding with me. When I stopped, she only rode a few times.

I ran my first trackday on the 900RR with Tony's in 2008 and got hooked. I bought a track only SV650 in 2009 and started racing in 2010. I made it to running expert classes and finished 8th overall in 2013 in Lightweight. Unfortunately, I had a pretty gnarly high-side in T1 at NHMS in July of 2014 where I suffered a fractured pelvis and forced retirement from racing at age 49.

I also started working for Tony's Track Days in 2011 and continued to instruct for him until last September. I still have a track-only 2004 Aprilia RSV1000R (which is for sale, if you know anyone who's interested). It was fun, but I found it difficult to do both skating and riding and also support my wife's equestrian stuff as well.

I used skating as part of my rehabilitation from the race accident and that's when I started speed skating again. I had no intention of competing again, but one of my coaches convinced me to give it a go in Oct of 2015 and I did pretty well, so I kept at it. Last year, I upped my training to be harder than I'd ever trained in my life and I dropped 30 pounds.
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Where do you skate? What style? You have 3're pretty serious about this...
I don't session skate much. When I do I usually go to Skateland in Haverhill on Thursday for adult night. I hate trying to skate around those skate mates (the PVC things that they rent to kids and are useless).

My inlines are obviously for speed skating. I skate at Forrest's in Taunton on Tuesdays and I-91 South in Wilbraham on Wednesdays, some Thursdays, and Sundays. I also compete at indoor short track competitions in the Keystone league, which runs meets in PA, NJ, DE, and MD. Yeah, I drive a lot to skate.

This year, I plan on doing the outdoor Eastern Seaboard Series, which is a 5-event series that takes place in Trexlerton, PA. They run both inline and quad skate races. This is what I set up the Reidell 911/Roll-Line skates for. They're a blast outdoors. I've hit the rail trail that starts in Wooksocket and ends somewhere south of Lincoln ( I do my outdoor inline training there as well and will be on the new section of the bikeway that starts 3/4 mile from my house.

As for the newest complete skate (the Bont Hybrid/Snyder Advantage) I use for skating sessions. I don't do many, but I always return to session every once in a while. I'm a shuffle skater and that's why I like skating the adult night at Skateland. There are a whole bunch who skate the shuffle lines.
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