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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
That's me. I actually still had the CBR until this past September. I sold it to another NESR member.I have skated the old Woonsocket Roller Kingdom. The floor got flooded and warped beyond repair. This was probably 12 or so years ago. We also used to run speed skating practices out of the Hudson rink until about April of 2015. At the time, the floor hadn't been coated in years and became too slippery to be safe for the speeds we were trying to achieve. I heard that they have since coated the floor.You're talking about Forrest's Family Fun Center in Taunton. The team I skate on (Vortex Racing) is part of the speed skating that you mentioned. One of the Boston Roller Derby coaches (aka Speedy Dan) is coaching the practices. It's mainly inline speed skaters, but both derby and quad skaters are also welcome. The floor is quite large, being 190'x90'. Forrest had tried doing an adult night on Tuesday, but it never took off. Like I mentioned, the best adult session in the "area" is at Skateland n Haverhill, but it's quite a hike at close to 90 minutes.

Vortex also runs out of the Interskate 91 South rink in Wilbraham MA, which is about a 75 minute ride from where I am in Blackstone. The team had a fund raiser and recently had the floor coated and will keep coating the floor every six months.

Welcome back. You never really get skating out of your system, if you did a lot of it in your younger years.
I'm definitely going to check out Forrest's place soon. I want to check out the speed practice...I'm going to need a helmet...think my aria is good?

Haverhill is a hike but if you ever head up there let me know..i would be interested in checking it out.
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