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Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
BTW, I bought my latest boots and plates through the Doc and he did an awesome job with the whole process and mounting. He also got better pricing that I could find anywhere (and I'm very good at finding the best pricing online). The wheels I had to have a set of Corey wheels, since I've been dying to try a set since he first started making wheels and selling them to forum members a long time ago. They are more than worth both the price ($200+) and the wait (waited over a month). They are the best quad wheels I have ever skated on in my life, and I've skated on quite a few (probably over 30 different types).
if i had this endorsement the other day I never would have bought the skates I did...but that's life. I had been researching for's hard to weed through the bs ex gf has been a professional skater her whole life (artistic as a child and derby through adult) is a big riedell fan and recommended that package for what I want to do...well, the 695 boot...but the same everything else...

i'm concerned about the bearings...which bearings should I use?
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