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Thanks for the reply!

Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post
What color cushions are on your plates?? The stiffer the cushion the harder it is to make this adjustment. Where is you action set?? How many clicks in??
They have the yellow rubber cushions in them. The actions aren't click actions, they are showing 1 thread. I am fairly certain I am going to run out of adjustment on Friday when I take them out for a spin, and I've already ordered softer urethanes (grey). I was already suspicious it was the firmness of these cushions making it hard to feel the adjustment.

Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post

Once you have made this adjustment a few times (Yeah.... practice it, you won't wear anything out) you should be able to feel it in the wrench when the ball touches down. It will start to get slightly harder to turn as the ball seats and starts to lift the truck away from the plate.
I'm glad I read somewhere these were hard to get undone the first time, I don't know who does them up at the roll-line factory, but I'm not arm wrestling with them anytime soon! I played around with them for another hour this morning, as they are loosening up a bit, I think I am starting to feel where that point is. You can feel it get a bit harder, and then you can literally see the truck start tilting. Pretty cool to watch actually.

These are the best things I've ever owned, before this I had a pair of crazy's which I destroyed in a couple of months, so it's been a huge learning curve reading up on just how adjustable a good pair of skates can be, but with that adjustment comes slight trepidation on getting it wrong!
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