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Originally Posted by splitwoods View Post

With respect to your Grandmothers skates, you were trying to identify the wheels. If memory serves me correctly, Raybestos, the same company that was famous for outstanding Automotive brake linings in the 50's thru 60's time frame, had originally come out with a black center precision art wheel, they followed with their reds, then tans, then they were out of the skate wheel business after that.

Fomac also competed for the high end market, and that is also a possibility, but I would gamble they are Raybestos, look closely I seem to recall their signature was in script, and very fine lettering.

yes she had her name ingraved on them peggy young o ok i got you now i looked at all 8 wheels and nothing im afraid to take them apart cause my dad might kick my a**
they almost feel like hard rubber and not wood
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