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Default Possible "POSITIVE FEEDBACK" Sticky Thread???

There's been a lot of 'Friction' lately due to some incidences regarding the buy/sell forums; some Skate Log members geting 'shafted' in regards to not getting their product, some (out of their frustrations) breaking forum 'Buy/Sell' rules by publicly posting they're frustrations, etc, etc. Blaze' Blah

Kathie has a big responsibility in just simply owning and operating this site. I highly doubt that she wants to be inundated with having to sort through the stressful-ness and Drama of said possible incidences.

SOOO, I have an idea (and maybe it's been touched on before... goes):

What about if we just have a 'sticky thread' titled "POSITIVE SALE FEEDBACK" with instructions that say that the thread is to post positive sale experiences ONLY between loggers here on SLF. Meaning, that there would be NO NEGATIVE posts ALLOWED in the thread. The thread would strictly be to post positive feedback from sales experiences out of the buy/sell forums. This way any member(potential 'buyer') can go to the search function and type in the 'sellers' name and if there's any positive feedback attached to that 'seller', then it'll show a post or posts in the POSITIVE SALE FEEDBACK thread.

That way if any member who is thinking of buying something from another member has any questions whether the seller is 'trust worthy, timely, etc, etc, then they'll be able to find that info in this new sticky Thread.

So I've created a poll; 'for' or 'against' this type of sticky thread here on SLF. Though I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't want this, unless it was someone thinking of not doing something right. Let's see what the outcome is Just trying to help

P.S. - it would be the responsibility of the buyer to post positive feedback for the seller, and visa versa
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