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Originally Posted by TimeZone3 View Post
Just got back from my first skate with my frankenskate setup. Did just over 13 miles in an hour flat, which is a PR pace for me, and way the heck faster than I was able to do on the 90mm setup. So for now, I am sticking with this setup. For me, it isn't so much the actual pace numbers, as the fact that the 90mm wheels just felt slow and sluggish and not fun to skate. The long 4x80mm frame is much faster and more fun to skate. I may try another set of 90mm wheels in the future, but for now, I am liking the setup with my old 4x80mm frame.

The problem is the lack of good 90mm wheels. All of the technology these days is in the 100+mm wheels. I understand that those Seba boots are 195mm mount spacing, you could always move up to a 4x100. Could be a host of other issues, too, though. Technique does change some on bigger set ups. You tend to lose more power in cushy boots because of the angles created with frame. This is something we work on all the time with speed boots, too. Bigger wheels aren't always better, it depends a lot on your strength.
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