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I have both of these plates. I got the Mistral last year around about April. I was coming from an Atlas freestyle plate. The Mistral felt very responsive for me from day 1 and it took no time to get used to it. My spins were already good on the Atlas plate but felt tighter and faster on the Mistral. I love the mistral for jumps as its responsive, smooth and fast when you need to quickly press an edge before a jump but also rolls out straight so I don't over hook the my landings as much as I did on my Atlas.

I just got the Giotto plate at Nationals a few weeks a go. It's the same as the Mistral minus the toe stop. The action is identical as well as the design. In fact the Mistral, Energy, Energy Steel and Giotto all share the same design. The difference is in the weight of the materials used to make it and the toe stop.

I've been using the Giotto for figures and loops and my tracing has been much better with this plate. The response is great for pressing 3 turns but the roll out is smooth which keeps me on the line. On loops its the same. I don't have to adjust the action between the big circles and the smaller loop circles.

I love both of these plates and don't see myself switching to anything else any time soon.
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