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Originally Posted by markwphoto View Post
Here's an image of my Giotto stacked on top of the Mistral:

... and here's a side by side:

Other than the length of the plate for the Giotto and toe stop, they are almost exactly identical in design. Both of my plate sizes are 160 and the distance of the axles and king pin 17 degree angle are the same. I also compared the Mistral, Giotto, and Energy Steel part numbers. They use the same part numbers for everything attached to the including the King Pin. When you get to the Energy plate it switches the truck to a Titanium axel (vs steel) and a Titanium pivot.

The Mistral and Giotto use the same aluminum for the frames (not sure of the type of aluminum. The Energy Steel and Energy use Ergal Aluminum 7075. Ergal 7075 is strong, with a strength comparable to many steels. The cost of the ergal is what makes the Energy Steel more expensive than the Mistral and the energy adding the titanium axel and pivot is what makes it more expensive than the Energy Steel.

I use the clear blue cushions on my Giotto and Mistral. As far as the action I have them adjusted about the same on both pairs of skates. My Mistrals might be adjusted one or two clicks softer than the Giotto but they're not that far apart. That's why I say, for me, the action and responsiveness feels almost exactly the same no matter which skate I'm using.

As boots I'm currently using a Risport Super Cristallo on my Giotto plate and I have an Edea Fly on the Mistral. I think the Super Cristallo is slightly stiffer than the Fly but I prefer a stiffer boot for figures. I eventually plan to get an Edea boot for the Giotto.

As far as wheels, yes I have smaller wheels on Mistral, a mix of Mustangs and Leopards, with bigger Star wheels on the Giotto. I don't notice a difference in the action with the different wheel sizes, I just know I get a longer roll on the Giotto with the bigger wheels which is necessary for figures. They are harder which allow me to slide 3 turns easier. Again since my actions are about the same for both skates for me it makes them identical in edge to edge response. The only difference for me is grip and roll length. If your cushions and actions are adjusted differently between skates, that can certainly make them feel totally different.
the toeless leather boot the plate almost looks a bit larger too me for the boot and the front axle a bit too forward, but just a little. as long as it works for u its good though. might make turns a bit more difficult
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