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For me the harder wheels are better for spins and turns. you won't have to lift your non pivot wheels so high to get your turn or spin to do a tight pivot because the harder wheels slide and not grab or at least the grab less. Also using a harder wheel, you will be standing straighter with a more correct edge and lean, where a softer wheel allows you to twist and bend and still maintain somewhat of a turn or spin. The downside to the soft wheel also is it is slower and the spin stops sooner. That's my 2 pennies.

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Hey! Thanks for the responses. You can't imagine how many times I re-read this thread. I wanted a plate to feel just like the Mistral, but I didn't want the toe stopper.

The Giotto was the right decision. I could never go back to toe-stoppers. I don't jump.

The boot/plate and wheels I ended up with are my current gold-standard
They are level-appropriate. I know everyone's skate set up is constantly evolving, and I'm sure mine will too again, but right now I've found my Nirvana.

I ended up on a Riedell 172 boot, Roll Line Giotto plate with my old Varsity Plus wheels (with the metal rim). The Roll Line Ice wheels 95A were just a little to soft for multiple 3turns. If anything at this point I'd try an All American Plus wheel. I do like spinning on one foot. Would that extra hardness help?
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