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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
Oh Trom,
You could have had the perfect inept trifecta, you could have trashed bones speed creme(the best roll line product), what a missed opportunity.

The guy that insists the foot should be put into a boot with no insole (much less orthotic), and insists one must wear thick cotton socks (opposite of reality) and then instead of mounting a quad plate offset to the outside of the foot (for proper balance) mounts it not in the center like an inline plate but inside of center, like an idiot, but hey it's trom, just invoke forum rule #1

Just ignore Trom

(but trom baiting is funny)
Your such an idiot Mike. You want schooled on reality again, fine.

Bones speed cream is just a very light viscosity grease, that all. It is not some magical unicorn approved lube. Its snake oil. They call it a cream and market it like the rest of their BS crap. "Skate rated" nonsense. They publish no grease or oil lubricating properties that you can test lubricants on, and have no data that they have a superior product only shows how inferior it really is.

Bones bearings The fact that they assert ABEC ratings dont apply to bearings for skating is just their way of saying we dont need precision gear, and that its likely their bearings wouldn't rate very well if at all on an ABEC scale if they even did posess the tolerances(maybe their swiss line which is supposedly notade in china). Bones bearings simply copied the looser tolerances of old fafnirs that had the C7 clearances. What that does is give slop to the assebly and increase free spin, mainly due to the rest of our skate gear being so untrue.

Where do you get that I don't use anything inside my boot? I dont use traditional insoles, no. You forget I worked at a rubber plant doing testing on our stocks and had access to splitting machines and high density neoprene foam(ANR bun stock 451 and 4319). I slit the rubber to .187 thickness(.125 too thin and .250 too thick) and used it inside my boots. If you have unfit feet orthodics are a bandaid, all one should need is an appropriate amount of cushioning. None of this nonsense arch support. Walk barefoot more, and strengthen the best suspension you'll ever own. Your feet. Wait it must be because Im from West Virginia right? Hillbillies have tough feet so we dont know the comfort of a shoe right?

Oh yea, and the slit neoprene offered a great grip interface with the cotton socks too.

I use cotton socks because they work. We have been over this before, a couple times actually.

Cotton has a better friction interface than almost all other socks(cant say ALL, as I have not tied every sock out there). Synthetic fibers tend to slip inside footwear. Rolling your feet around inside your boots will wear them out. The reasons so many people have problems with cotton socks is they are made for a VERY large range of foot sizes. Such as 6-12 adult mens foot sizes for the socks I wear. Guess what size my foot is? 12. The socks work because IT FITS. With athletic socks they also have the same range, usually, but like I said before they slip... ALOT. Additionally cotton absorbs moisture, we all know that right? Those athletic socks are ususally hydrophobic, so they don't. Well where do you think your foots sweat is going to go? Into the boot, along with salts and oils from your body. The moisture from your feet sweating will not make it through the leather and it damn sure wont ventilate out of the boot. Wicking doesn't mean its going to push the moisture out against gravity. It pulls the moisture off your skin and to the outside of the material.

If your going to be in your skates over 3 hours its best to change your socks.

The key is to buy a sock that is almost too small, so you get the snuggest fit.

I ALWAYS wash my feet very well before skating, and ALWAYS wear clean cotton socks that fit tight. Sorry your not as lucky as I am. But thats your problem

Plate mounting

Here we go again. They are mounted like my inlines, as well as in a way to enhance the way I skate. People(most) naturally stand with a slight outward pointing of the toes right? So if you put a plate under someone standing still and wanted them to roll straight, the plates would be ever so slightly toe in and heel out.

Whats more is my axles are very far forward, and if I followed the "traditional" or in your ignorance, the "correct mount" ideal, this would put too much leverages on my inside edge when doing front axle work and not enough leverage on the outside edge, where the foot is naturally weaker.

The slight "toe in/heel out" I use also increases my maximum speed by providing a better lateral push opportunity through the strongest part of my stride. My plate is aligned for me, and I dont care if anyone else can skate it. Most people who habe skated my setup cannot make it turn either, but thats their problem not mine as its NOT THEIR SKATE.

In closing, its kinda like this. Just because YOU cannot, does not mean I cannot.

Orthodics suck. Read on
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