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Default hockey pads

Originally Posted by RandD View Post
I am a relative newbie as for skating goes (Inline)

But what I ended up getting is Inline skating hockey pads, not as thick/well padded as the ones show on this thread but I have taken a few tumbles in them and they take the edge of the hurt.


I think some roller hockey pads would have worked fine for me before the wipe-out, but at this point, what with metal pins holding my hip together I'm going for the biggest, thickest pads I can find.

Would really like to see if anyone was making crash pad shorts that have flexible plastic sheet sandwiched between two dense foam layers to form the padding. Don't care how goofy it looks, just don't want to purchase any more parts from the hospital!


Yeah, the 2500 Crash Pads look nice, and seem to offer lots of protection. I know I didn't list them with my original post, but they have been on my radar from the start.


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