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Default Old stuff

A lot of my old stuff went to help start the National Museum, still kept a lot, but lost some when our house burnt. Most of my old stuff survived the fire but some was lost.

Originally had two plus complete collections of skate magazine to the mid ninties. One set is at the museum, the other I have one set plus numerous doubles but not enough for another set. I have all the national programs from somewhere in the 40's (not sure where it starts) to the 90's. I have a lot of the A association magazines, all the rule books from 1938 (yes I have an original rule book - well it's not really a book). Plus I have a lot of things before 1938 and things not associated with the R. But as far as foreign mags go, not sure what I have.

I have been trying to find a way of scanning in the old mags and posting them somewhere in pdf format.
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