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Originally Posted by xlracer View Post
Richard I also thoght that the plate was a little short but I have seen so many older skates set up very similar. I had assumed it was common for the plate to be that short. I was just really amazed at the condition of these skates. For such an old pair of skates they truely looked to me like they had never been used. Were the SuperJets and Cyclones out in the early 60's?
I still would have like to have gotten my hands on them.

The Chicago Jet plate was already on the market in the mid 50's when I started racing. The base plate was Duralium. Only 2 drawbacks to that plate, no toes stop, and the hanger and truck pivot, was not a good precision fit. Slop was there from day one, and it got worse as the parts were used. Look at a Snyder pivot pin, and then look at the archaic jet pivot! We would replace hangers 2x a year at least.

The SUPER JET hit the market early 60's, with a built in 5/8 toe stop and superior truck/hangers. Only drawback it was a heavier unit.

Suregrip's response to the Superjet was the Cyclone. I tried 2 pair in a 4 month timeframe and retired them, went back to my chicago plates. Don't recall many top skaters on Suregrip back then. Within 10 years or so they caught up and we sold a ton of their new plates in the 70's.

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