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Warren was teaching at Wal-Cliffe with my dad when we first started skating there...I do rememebr him skating pairs when I was a kid...

Just got a message through this site from an former student of my mom's wanting to get back in touch with her.

Thsi internet thing will probably catch on some day :-)

Happy Holidays to all & a great 2011!


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Good to see you back on the forum again.

Yeah, I remember all you have written about Mike, remember you are still a young'n......LOL

Yup hardly a rink in Jersey I did not visit, many times.......

You missed out racing at Prinz in Holyoak Del, on one end of the place if you fell you would end up in the fireplace, the other end you would slide into the bathroom and maybe end up in the you know what.....funny stuff....
last time I raced there was 1959!

Give my regards to your Mom.....

Found someone on an unrelated froum by accident that visited Warren Collozo down in Fla a year back, I am trying to get in touch with him to get Warren's contact info....

Stay in touch Mike...

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