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My experiment last summer with high strength aluminum fully threaded stud kingpins on my Omega plate outdoor skates ended after breaking one for the second time. Each break was on the front truck, and going at fair speed. The amount of nylon ground off the plate with the instant friction against the asphalt that this kind of failure produces was significant. The instant braking action this produced was stunning for how fast it sent me right down to the ground. On the second fall I hit my outside chest and thought I might of cracked a rib, but in hindsight, it was more likely that I just tore something, since it healed up to fast for a bone break. However, for about ten days, when I sneezed, the pain level was beyond anything I have ever experienced. It literally felt like a sword was being stabbed straight through my whole torso.

So good luck with your sore sternum and hope it does not interfere with your skating too much. Am I right in assuming the Prolines also use aluminum for the kingpins? If so, they fail with absolutely NO WARNING. They are fine one second and then just totally snap the next second. Steel and titanium will at least bend some first and give some warning before they finally break.

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