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Default Found some more cracks...

After breaking a kingpin yesterday, I decided I wasn't going to put my skates on again until I inspected and/or replaced the three remaining. One of the three has visual cracks in it near the threads (same place as the other one that broke). I compared my new proline kingpins to my original proline kingpins and it looks to me that the lateral cuts through the threads go further down the kingpin on the new prolines. I'm sending them with Mr. Blair to the Tampa Classic so Curt can take a look at them. Good news is no broken or otherwise cracked ribs. Just lost about a square foot of skin and bruised up pretty bad.

Here is a picture of the broken kingpin. Hard to focus so close but I wanted to make sure everyone saw the wood shavings in the center of the kingpin where I gouged the floor (Sorry Mr. Couey, it wasn't intentional)
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