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Originally Posted by Yogi Bear View Post
Maneuverability is good. I will say that I haven't been skating that long and I don't have the balance of someone who has been speed skating for several years. That being said, what is recommended, a 10-15* plate of the DA45 where it may take me longer to get the feel for it.

Also, what do you get the maximum push off of, a stiffer plate or the DA45?

I am skating 12.5 seconds laps after a few months, but I want to get to sub 11.5 in the next year. Right now I am on nylon plates that came on my R3 boots. It is a dangerously unstable setup for a 200 lb man that wasn't that bad until I got to this type of speed in the corners.
Hey Yog.

The stiffness isn't coming from your trucks. The stiffness you want is in large majority coming from the plate (just as Hoss stated).

The trucks and their configuration, design, etc. is where you'e gonna get your stability from, in large majority. So when you say "which do you get a better push off from"... I will say that your entire chasis (Plate and trucks) play an all inclusive part in the rigidity of your skate, but you're getting the stiffness from the plate itself (99%). And yeah, while I think there are a good hand full of very well made Nylon plates (PD Thruster, NOVA plate, LASER speed plates, older Satellite plates), I would definitely say for a guy at 200lbs, you're getting wayyy to much flex... much more than you need or want. Get into an alloy frame and the difference will be night and day. For some one lighter in weight under 130-40 lbs, Nylons plates are a great plates to skate for competitive skating (IMO)

ANd then again, if you're playing Derby, at 200 lbs, sounds like you'd be in a Blockers position??? At that position, the 30* KP of a DA45 truck really isn't going to benefit you one way or the other. Movements as a Blocker don't require the quick and heavy sharp turning like a Jammer does, so really you're good (IMO) with just about any truck configuration out there
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