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Originally Posted by LabedaRD View Post
The Proline sounds like it's exactly what you are looking for, it's super lightweight, precise and durable. You'll never have to worry about looking for another plate again.
I would argue that the new Proline has a great quality control system as we make them right here in-house and oversee production the whole way through.

They are a more expensive plate, but as Fancy-Kerrigan said, you don't wanna go high quality on a boot, and then go cheaper on the plate. Prolines are time-tested and proven to be one of the highest quality plates out there.
I'm obviously going to recommend the Proline, but if you are interested don't hesitate to shoot me any questions.
I actually have a new school Proline and an OG Proline. Only difference I can see is the trucks may be a little more perfectly milled on the OG Prolines. But let me tell you, the new school ones have been used and abused and are rock solid. Jumps, hand stands, cartwheels, skate parks, and skating on streets so rough, no one should ever skate on them.....ever! I am 100% thrilled with them and recomend Proline to everyone. If you ever need anyone to test anything....or have too much Proline swag hanging aroud the R&D office these days hit me up I'm your Fanciest fan.
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