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Originally Posted by idiveintoit View Post
I'm kind of opening a can of worms here. I've been researching and looking at Crazy Skates Big Bloc, Sure-Grip Shock Stops and Gumball Superball Toe Stops. I'm not sure what to do. I'm trying to avoid buyers remorse. I skate indoors and I'm currently stopping with my original black Huggers which have aged and seem hard due to slipping when stepping off on them while on the skate floor. I've noticed that the sizes of the new stops I mentioned are larger than what I have which is one of the benefits I kind of like for stability. I don't know how things have changed with how the materials used are made, I just remember a stop having some cushion, bite and being made of rubber. Any advice, thoughts and input is appreciated.
I think a picture of your skates from the side to show where the front axle sits might help, if the front axle is back toward the junction of the big and index toes...running on the toe stops is really easy and fun, it the axle is far forward, at the knuckle of the big toe, running on your toe stops will be an issue.
Length of the toe stop shaft can be adjusted longer or shorter to accommodate, I'd look at what Snyder offers, good urethane, different sizes and different length shafts.
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