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Originally Posted by GraySk8ter View Post
Faster wheels are the only wheel I use. I have several Roller Bones Turbos gathering dust and other assorted wheels I tried.

I skated the Faster wide speed wheels for over 18 months and just bought this set of Red, White, and blue hub beauties. They are more narrow and 3mm lower. I have used them for a couple of weeks now and they are great!

All American made by Detroit Skate Factory (formerly FasterSkates).

Keep rolliin
GraySk8ter, This is off topic from my toe stop thread but, I've been eyeing those wheels I have my Ol Fanjets which are shown in a previous part of this thread. If I recall correctly they originally were a somewhat solid white urethane like yours without the red and have turned to a tye dyed butterscotch look in color and seem a little slick, especially when scooting around a corner on a wood floor and doing some footwork to keep on track. How do your red & white tires feel when shuffling around compared to your Naturals?
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