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Originally Posted by JOORAW View Post
Hello everyone my names Jeremy new to the forum here and just getting myself back into this scene after about 15 years.

I used to skate at the Fountain Valley Skating Rink every Sunday for family night for almost 7 years and recently just went back last Thursday for adult night. Definitely some nostalgia and realized how fun and relaxing a night out like that can be, except for wearing those rental skates! I plan on going a couple times a month now!

Also came on here just to get some thoughts on what pair of skates I should go for? Not looking really to spend too much just some decent speed skates and if anyone is willing to part ways with an older pair I am all eyes and ears. I would be about a size 10-10.5! I am located in Orange County.
Tell you what, I went through this many years ago. For an starting point I would get DA45 invaders, Hyperlicious wheels, inexpensive bearings and whatever boot you can afford.
1. The wheels are basic and will get it done cheaply
2. Bearings, no need to spend tons on bearings
3. Plates, invaders from sure grip. Then later as you can afford it, get the DA conversion kit. DA45 has the broadest tuning ability of skates. So you can tailor them to your preference.
4. What money is left would be for the boots of your choice.
This is a starting point solid skate setup.

Changes can be made as money is available that will improve the setup.
Note, if you have the money to do it. The avenger setup is very good and would be a little more than the invaders plus the DA kit.
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