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Originally Posted by Aerocat View Post
Bearings: Reds
Plate: Proline
8mm Axle
Boot: 125

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I'm not sure how good the 8mm proline axles are. The larger the gap between the axles and the ID of the bearings, the more room there is for the wheel to walk around on the axle(vibrate). This can lessen the grip of your wheels to the floor.

Another thing is the stiffer the cushions are the more likely the grip will decrease when leaning the plate over. This is because the plate will eventually require enough pressure where it begins to lift the wheels on the other side, the stiffer the cushions the sooner this starts to happen.

Bearings can change this too if they are super loose. By that I mean how much internal play the bearings have. Bones reds are pretty loose, where Qube 8 ball bearings are much tighter on their internal clearances.

The amount of lateral play on the axle can influence slide as well. If they are really loose when you load up power into a stride and the wheel laterally shifts on the axle it can upset the grip between the wheel and the floor. Essentially the plate can slap into the wheels, and initiate a slip
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