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Hello everyone,

my name is Romek, I am Polish by origin, but live in Belgium. I've got a pretty standard background, I guess: I started skating for fun and fitness a dozen years ago (2001), skated during my university years, then had a break of some 11 years with only occasional skating here and there; last year I got back on the skates and felt painstakingly slow, craved the speed and I recalled that when I was a student I dreamt of proper (5 wheel skates at the time) speed skates, but of course could not afford them on a student budget. I realised I can afford them now as a grown man so I did (PS R2) and got hooked. This year in August I went to a Sk8 skool camp and got hooked even more. A couple of weeks ago I switched to a more proper and supportive Bont Jet (really like them), but I am still on 4 x 100mm until I strenththen my ankles enough (multiple volleyball injuries...) and get my technique right to move to 110mm. And here I am.

I look for like-minded people to discuss all the weirdest aspects of speed skating ranging from how a specific weaving pattern in my socks affects my speed to which colour of skating boots is quicker and why
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